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Westby Edge Brewing Company is family owned, operated, built and brewed. Our passion for good beer and great music inspired us to create a unique indoor/outdoor venue in Cheyenne, WY. It's a place where people can come together and enjoy a fun atmosphere and drinks with friends. We want everyone to feel welcome when they come to visit which is why our restaurant and patio is family-friendly and our patio is both family and pet friendly. Our slogan, "Where everyone knows your last name" comes from our hope that every customer feels like a friend and is also a nod to the fact that our last name is part of our business name.


darin & Misha Westby

Darin and Misha bought “The Warehouse,” as everyone affectionately called it, in February of 2020. They immediately got to work renovating the entire building, to the extent of actually having to reinforce the original structure itself (notice the beautiful beams that run down the west side of the building). Over the course of three and a half years they would spend every night after work and every weekend working to bring their vision and dream to life, with the help of many of their dearest friends and family members.


Brennan westby

Brennan is Darin and Misha’s youngest daughter and the Brewmaster of Westby Edge Brewing Co. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and passion for the art of brewing, which makes her dynamite at what she does.

colton & jaime westby

Colton is the middle son of Darin and Misha. Colton’s full-time job is a manager at Swire Coca-Cola but that didn’t stop him from being an integral part of the renovation of the building over the three and a half years that it took to complete the restoration process. His wife, Jaime, does the marketing and social media for Westby Edge.


amanda & ben escobedo

Amanda is the oldest daughter of Darin and Misha. She will be helping on the business side of things as well as event scheduling and coordination. Ben, Amanda’s husband, spent many a weekend assisting Darin with some of the more heavy duty and, oftentimes precarious, projects, such as hanging the insulation and burlap that covers the entirety of the ceiling in the building.

bennett, oliver, collins, sophia, and clayton

The grandkids/mascots who grew up here and continue to love spending time here whenever they can!

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